To one of our many passions in life, Dogs. And more specifically Bloodhounds. They are a very versatile canine which fits in with our family very well and hopefully yours too. For my wife they are very protective and reliable. My son can run around with them all day long and they never fail to keep up! As for my daughter, who could ask for more than a friend who will sit patiently while she pampers her with beauty treatments and fashion design. And as for myself, a man always needs a good hunting buddy. With their uncanny ability to smell and track miles of trail in a day the only thing they lack is a spotting scope. This breed definitely can go with the flow
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Today, the bloodhound is the only breed that has the ability to scent discriminate human scent, and only trained bloodhounds' evidence can be accepted in a court of law.
and hang with lazy days in the sun or vigorous training for days on end. If looks are what you want the Hound has that too with its wrinkled forehead, long ears and baggy suit of skin they are adorable and cuddly. But watch out, they are not insignificant when it comes to size or attitude, they can easily top 100 pounds and eat their fair share too. As the well coined phrase goes, they are all about "what's in it for me?" So, if this sounds like the dog for you then hopefully, we can help you out. Our dogs are registered and have all vaccinations up to date. Be sure to check the puppy page for updates on current litters and litters in the making.

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